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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reindeer gift?

A reindeer gift is a more than very special gift that is given to you by one of Santa's eight reindeer.


When do the reindeer hide a gift for me?

The reindeer hide a gift for you on Christmas Eve at the same time Santa is leaving his gifts for you.


How do the reindeer hide a gift for me?

After Santa Claus disappears down the chimney, the reindeer take turns sneaking down the chimney after him, hiding a special reindeer gift somewhere in your house, then getting safely back and into their harness buckled and strapped before Santa returns to the sleigh. 


Where do the reindeer hide their special reindeer gift?

Since Santa's been the only gift giving guy, they need to leave their gift on the sly.  So they don't hide their gift under the tree or in the stockings where his gifts will be.  But instead they hide their reindeer gifts in places Santa's sure to miss. 


Why did the reindeer decide to start a reindeer gift tradition?

All through the years, they've been running all the miles while Santa's gotten all the smiles.  The reindeer have had enough of that and feel they deserve a special pat.  They too want to know the joys of what it's like to hand out toys. 


How do I play The Reindeer Gift game?

The Reindeer Gift game is played on Christmas Day when you hunt for and find the special gift that one of Santa's reindeer hid for you somewhere in your house. 


How do I find out which of Santa's reindeer hid my gift?

After you find your reindeer gift on Christmas Day, go to the Reindeer Reveal page at